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  1. Daitilar1 year ago

    She sounds amazing as she beginning to get heated up let alone when she's coming. Her accent and annunciation make me smile and dissolve in equal amounts. Where ever she is and whatever shes doing I hope she has a big smile on her face as she does it and that at some point she'll comeback to brighten our lives again.

  2. Vimi1 year ago

    Voodoo looks old as fuck

  3. Shaktigore1 year ago

    No, they were already here a couple of years ago. We won't see them for another seventeen years or so. But I'm wondering why my mulched area was the only place they were. It seems like someone threw out unused cooked pasta shells in a plastic bag [which I did see blowing in the wind] somehow...

  4. Nagrel1 year ago

    Awesome pics. Looks like yall have lots of fun. Ive. Never wc or chatted kinky but i think id enjoy that with ya

  5. Kazijin1 year ago

    You eventually did xxx! So blessed

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